Friends Rehabilitation Program (FRP) | Mission and Vision
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Mission and Vision


Friends Rehabilitation Program (FRP) is a Quaker values-based affordable housing and social service provider working in the Philadelphia region.

We aim to transform neighborhoods through community-based economic development, sustainable affordable housing, and transitional opportunities for marginalized populations.

By integrating best practices in sustainable and equitable development, FRP focuses on empowering residents, unlocking value, and fostering vibrant, creative communities.

FRP exists to mend and serve the world in the region of Greater Philadelphia in the manner of Friends. We do this work with the conviction that beauty is an intervention.


FRP imagines a future of racial and economic justice, equity and ownership, and trauma-informed care.  

Our neighborhoods will host affordable and mixed-income housing, healthy green space, and businesses that support marginalized communities and the environment in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

We envision a robust city ecosystem that fosters social cohesion, stewardship, and resilience through housing, training, food access, community programs, social services, and sustainable business incubation.

FRP uses an asset-based approach and the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship to inform this work.



Beautiful garden spaces support a sense of pride among residents.

Residents and volunteers work together at Greener Partners’ Guild House Farm

In an effort to support health and well-being, FRP cultivates vegetable, flower, and herb gardens with and for our residents.


The aroma of flowers and vibrant colors cheer residents as they enter and exit their home. Peer-reviewed scientific research shows that proximity to gardens and plants supports healing and improves one’s mood. Growing vegetables on FRP’s properties brings fresh, local food into the hands of some of Philadelphia’s most marginalized individuals, and offers opportunity for exercise and collaboration among diverse members of our communities.


Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm’s flagship site at Guild House West

Energy Efficiency & Storm Water Catchment

FRP holds the intention of maintaining a “triple bottom-line” organizational ethic. We integrate support of people and the planet into a holistic sense of community.  FRP works at the intersection of affordable housing and social services. Energy and water conservation saves money and reduces our impact on local and global ecosystems.


Sustainability Director, Rania Campbell-Cobb has worked with FRP for five years, and seeks to support the health of people, the environment, and our local economy. To support this work, Rania completed a Masters in Social Innovation and Sustainability at Goddard College.


FRP collaborates with the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) to bolster our efforts in both environmental sustainability and job training.