Friends Rehabilitation Program (FRP) | Community Development
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Community Development

Friends Rehabilitation Program develops quality, energy-efficient, affordable housing for low and moderate income first-time buyers.  We believe that homeownership is a cornerstone of community stability and growth and we are proud of our efforts throughout Philadelphia to provide that foundation.


Friends Rehabilitation Program is working with Strawberry Mansion residents to re-build their historic neighborhood located just east of Fairmount Park. Building on our success on Berks Street – where we recently restored 10 historically significant townhomes, we started construction in 2010 on 31st Street between Diamond and Berks streets. The new townhomes will allow 25 low and middle income households to become first-time homeowners. Before purchasing their brand-new homes, buyers take part in a comprehensive homeownership counseling program that will help them increase equity and protect their investment. For more information on this development, please check out our website at .


For more information about this project, please contact FRP at 2158228800