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Revive and Restore

Friends: Responding to Mass Incarceration

This issue harms our communities

City officials estimate that over one fifth of Philadelphia’s population has been incarcerated and holds a criminal record.1


As citizens return home from the prison system, they face major roadblocks in securing employment, accessing social services, and navigating a social, economic, and political system that largely rejects and stigmatizes them long after they have served their sentence.2

  • Poverty, health issues, and recidivism are all related, and often concentrated in particular neighborhoods of Philly.
  • 36,000 black men are missing from their communities in Philadelphia due to violence and incarceration
  • There are plenty of vacant and dilapidated houses in Philadelphia. There are plenty of returning citizens who need work. At this intersection there is a market and an opportunity for green affordable and mixed income housing development.

FRP sees workforce development as a peace-building and community healing initiative.


Re-entry Services Program

Friends Rehabilitation Program, Transforming Lives, Changing Communities (TLCC), is a holistic wraparound service which supports successful reentry efforts for justice-involved individuals. Services provided include, but are not limited to, housing assistance, workforce development, mentoring, family reunification and numerous outreach/linkage support opportunities. TLCC is a trauma-focused program whose mission is to serve as a change agent for reentry while building safe and thriving communities.

1 City Council, Chief Clerk’s Office. 2011. BILL NO. 110111-A (As Amended on Floor 3/24/2011)
2Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. New York, NY: New Press, 2010